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Working Together To Make Cloud Printing Easy

The Cloud Printing Alliance is a cooperation started by ThinPrint with printer and Wi-Fi router manufacturers, hotspot providers, software developers and mobile operators, with a common goal: Working together to make cloud printing easy.

With ezeep, ThinPrint offers the leading cloud printing solution that leverages all print management and print rendering to the cloud. Thus it is possible to print from any device, without driver installation or special requirements to the printer.

ezeep supports thousands of printer models from over 90 printer manufacturers worldwide. To this end, ThinPrint currently hosts thousands of printer drivers, and thanks to feedback of over 400,000 customers, drivers are constantly updated and expanded.

Printers most suitable for printing are those of Cloud Printing Alliance manufacturers. Through close cooperation with ThinPrint Cloud Services, new printer models from alliance partners will be fully supported thereby using printer drivers suitable for cloud printing.

Cooperation with hotspot providers, software developers and mobile operators results in the widest service availability. Hotspot providers, such as hotels, receive full support when setting up and marketing a cloud printing hotspot.

Developers of mobile apps, web portals or even batch print processes are offered the possibility to include the cloud printing option in their programs. Mobile operators can offer their customers a valuable additional service with cloud printing.

Why Join?

New Business Opportunities For:

Manufacturers of Printers & Wi-Fi Routers

Ensure that your latest printer is cloud printing ready and optimally supported with the right printer driver. Your printer will be certified as “ThinPrint Cloud Services Ready” and can be advertised as supporting printing for iPad, iPhone, Android etc. Manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers can certify their hardware.

Software Developers

As a mobile app developer, you can enhance your app or web portal with a convenient printing feature. Give your users the possibility to print content directly from the program or integrate Printing as Service in complex business workflows.

Hotspot Operators

In a hotel, cafe or business lounge – as a hotspot operator you can expand your service offering quickly with a convenient printing service without any technical effort and almost no investment costs. We assist you in establishing and marketing your cloud printing hotspots.

Mobile Operators

Expand your service offerings with a valuable print function for hotspots operated by you or your enterprise customers.

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